Mission Statement

I have been inspired by so many great surgeons over the past 20 years. As a young surgeon, I was thirsty for knowledge and driven to pursue excellence. I was fortunate to be around thoracic surgeons who nurtured this enthusiasm.  The field of thoracic surgery has dramatically changed over the past decade. Developments in minimally invasive optics and instruments have made once outlandish and reckless techniques into gold standards.


My philosophy of clinical practice is to always have an open mind about new ways to operate on our patients, with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement.

Without this approach, obsolescence is inevitable.


Going to international meetings is a great way to renew the passion that created your success. Chatting with other surgeons at the coffee table is often more impactful than the actual lectures.  However, the realities of a busy life make attending these meetings difficult.


The mission of this website is to inspire thoracic surgeons from around the world to learn from the experience of others. There is always a better way to do it!


Read, watch, contribute:  leave us your legacy!